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It is pitch black out. Im passing the bathroom of the house

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It is pitch black out. I'm passing the bathroom of the house I grew up in. I see a black face with a white masquerade mask on it peering at me through the window that is open no more than an inch. I pass the bathroom initially, but turn and go to look out the window. I reach up to close the window, but two white gloved hands reach through the window to stop me from closing it. The dream then skips forward and I am in the next room over looking out the window that is on the same wall of the house. As I look out I see the man in black with white gloves walking away at a slow pace. He keeps looking back at me as he walks away.
Hello and welcome.

Intrusion dreams are often seen among the population. They usually mean you have some kind of insecurity (physical insecurity, not job or money related as he would go away carrying something). I don't know if you are a man or a woman but that kind of dream if more frequent with women.

The pitch black setting is created first in the dream as it set the environment that may trigger the insecurity. Then the mind can't bring another level of fear because nothing can be seen. Weird sound would usually be heard but in your case a workaround was generated (the white part). The mask represent the fear of not knowing who could attack, the hand represent the possibility of an attack (not just a stalker).

The part skipping out is the mind not wanting to get into what could happen (too much fear involved). The part where he goes away and looking back is a teaser to maintain the insecurity meaning it is still with you even after the dream (sometime a problem can itself into a dream).

Perhaps an alarm system or a dog could make you sleep and night better (not a young dog initially but in the long run :)).

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