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Who founded the website and what non-profit

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Who founded the website and what non-profit is associated with the website and online forums?
Technical records reveal the following as the owner of the domain.

Coignet Allan, office #986863
c/o OwO, BP80157
59053, Roubaix Cedex 1

There does not appear to be a direct link to a non-profit orginalization, but the C/O OwO, may be the company for which you are looking. I just don't see any additional information on them that would indicate they are non-profit.

Please let me know if this answers your question or if you need additional information.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is Coignet Allan an individual's name or a company? The site claims that donations are made to a nonprofit organization. Is there any other information on that person/entity linked to the site?


Thank you!


I can tell you that it's a name because you can only list a person's name as an administrative contact. C/O would indicate that there is some business associated with the person and/or site called OwO, but I haven't found any information on such a company.

I can find no information on the site related to donations of any type.



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