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Hi , Had a general question about grades A,B.s and GPAs. My

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Hi , Had a general question about grades A,B.'s and GPAs. My high school kid has 4 quarters and 2 finals. and when i push him to keep up the straight As through out the year, he says he will eventually get an A at the year end, if he gets 4 As and 2 Bs, or 5 As and 1 C during the in-between reports.So he says it is not important to get an A each and every in between report, in order to get an A at the year end report. I would like to know, if this is true. Also will the year end GPA be the same, if the kid gets all 6 As, or 4 As and 2 B's,,,or 5 As and 1 C. I never understood how to calculate the final overall grade and the GPA,based on the 5 or 6 in between grades on the report cards.Thanks
It really depends on how each score is weighted and what scale the school uses. If an A = 90% (that's an A-), that means that a person needs to get 540 points total at the end of the year, because 540/6 = 90. (Technically, since 89.5 rounds up to 90, he could get a few points below that). If he got 100% on five of the assignments, he'd have 500 points, and could do pretty badly on the sixth assignment and still get an A. That assumes that all assignments are weighted equally, and they may not be.

If an "A" is 93%, then he needs 558 points at the end of the year. It is possible that 4 As and a B could get him there, or five As and a C (if he scores very high As). If gets a 95 on the first five tests, that's 475. he would then need an 81 on the final, which is a low B. But if finals or midterms are worth more than quarterly tests, or if there are other considerations factored into grading, it may not be that simple.

At the end of the year, a final grade of A will have 4 grade points, regardless of what scores throughout the year made up that A. An A- would have 3.7 grade points. If colleges look at the total grades, and not just the end result, getting As throughout the year looks better than mostly As with one or two Bs or a C.
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