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Hi. My question is about negotiation. I will be buying a

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Hi. My question is about negotiation.
I will be buying a lot of furniture on Craigslist to furniture the apartments I am planing on doing vacation rentals. My goal is to buy all furniture for very cheap. Maybe going to garage sales, meeting people off Craigslist and really bargain.

I wonder if you could suggest me ways of doing it.
Hi and thank you for your question. I will be happy to assist you.

Are you looking to buy decent used furniture, or new furniture?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi! Thanks!


I am looking to buy decent used furniture

Alright. Craigslist is a great asset for both finding furniture and finding garage sales.

For garage sales, your best bet would search throughout the week for potential garage sales. Then make a list and organize on a map or google maps so that you can efficiently travel from one to the next.

Then for buying furniture, look for people selling more than one piece of furniture. You can usually negotiate price. For example if Sally is selling a loveseat for $100 and sofa for $125, you can negotiate that and ask Sally if she will accept say $190. Look for opportunities like that.

Another thing to look for is older post. Older post may help you find the opportunity that someone just wants to get rid of it. For example lets say you find an ad that been up for a few weeks and its still available. You can reply to the ad and request a deeper discount. More than likely the person will accept because at this point they just want the thing gone.

Lastly you can always check the free section of craigslist. You have to be quick here because most people will post it and then leave the item curbside. You won't always find great furniture but more often than not, people move from their current home and decide they don't want to deal with moving large furniture. They are on a short time line and most times end up just giving away the furniture to the first person that comes and gets it.

I hope this answers your question. If you need more clarity or more assistance, please let me know.

Sijad H. and 44 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Hi. Thanks for the helpful info. So for garage sales there is usually a week which has more potential? And garage sales are usually done on weekends right? Do you think moving away sales on craigslist should also be a good thing? Because sometimes they are also on a short time line. And as far as negotiating the price for furniture, should I make offers online before seeing the furniture in person? What negotiation works best? I think online might be better because at least I can rule out the ones didnt want to lower the price so I wont even waste my time going all the way to the person.

Thanks a lot

As far as making offers online as per in person it differs. Sometimes people take good pictures to show all angles and other times people will take pictures of only the good parts of the furniture. For example if there was a tear somewhere, you wouldn't know till you physically inspected it. However, you can always request the seller take more pictures. If they are close by you may as well take a look at them. If you have to drive a fair amount of distance based on your preferences then the offer over the net works great.

Yes moving away sales are great and you are correct. People are willing to part with their items at moving away sales for the simple fact that they won't have to lug it to their next place. Garage sales are usually done on weekends, that is why I recommended planning your visits to sales into one day where you can follow a route to save time.

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