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SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
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Hi. I am a 27 year old while male. My face looks a little full.

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Hi. I am a 27 year old while male. My face looks a little full. I dont have that much of a jawline. am looking for a hairstyle that would comprnsate for that and would make my face look thiner.
I would like to keep my hair short though.


Hi Alex, Mike here. Don't forget to provide a rating so I receive credit on your answers.

I am a big fan and hobbyist of male fashion and make it a point to stay up on current trends as well as creating my own modern, classic style that is very versatile

I actually have a similar issue until I lean out in summer.

The easiest hairstyles are those that create lines on the head and continue to elongate the face. Longer hairstyles that drape the face continue to round it out and keep the full appearance.. the exception would be if hair was long enough to pull back.

Take a look at these and you will see similar trends that match your request.

Short hair style

David Beckham offseason SS cut: here David Beckham looks to be out of season, face softer and more full, the sleek line creates a harder line to offset his softened face.

I wear something like this during the winter and summer that gets modified every so often - it makes me look leaner in the face so much so that people think I am leaner when I am actually softer in the face

And then one more variation of the trendy few that I have listed.
Adam Levine short cut version

Basically the idea is to create a harder hair line(at the ends of the hair, not the actual hairline on your face) and accentuate the hairline so the entire face looks leaner

So generally speaking, keep the hair shorter, the sides of the head even shorter and create a "harder" line on the top of the head to take away from the soft or round look on the face.

As far as products to use with these hairstyles - American crew Fiber(amazing stuff), Hans de fuko hair waxes, Di-fi hair cream as well as American crew foaming cream. and those that create a dry look with high hold, finished with simple hair spray make for really cheap, easy to use hair styling products.

I really enjoy mens fashion both in a clothing sense and in appearance care sense. Please remember to request me for your other questions and please take a moment to rate when you have finished reading.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Mike. Thabks again for your wise opinion.

I like the third picture you sent me, where the guys hair was shaved on the side and spiked up on the top. do you know whar products would keep the hair spiked like that? those you sent me keep the hold like that?

also, do you have another pic of a similar hairstyle to the third pic you sent me?

and what is the meaning of creating a harder line on the top of the hair?


thabks again


and what other topics do you know about?

My pleasure - haircuts really give a great sense of confidence, especially when they look really sharp and are freshly cut.

As far as keeping the hair like that I would recommend trying American Crew Fiber or the foaming molding cream. They will keep the shine on the hair low, and provide a solid amount of hold. I have used a million products and always come back to Fiber, then just lock it in(I prefer my hair more firm) with a little bit of hairspray which can be anything you like or whatever fits the budget. Fiber is AWESOME stuff when combined with just a bit of hairspray(at least for me as my hair wants to fly away sometimes). You may also like Hans de Fuko Sponge Wax if you can find it locally.

Here is another pic just a tiny bit longer -
I really like this hairstyle alot, been wearing it or a modified version of it for years, a lot of compliments, easy to maintain and style(like 2-3 minutes at most) and very very versatile.

As far as "harder" lines - by this I just mean that longer flowing hair create softer, rounder lines that make everything look softer. Spikes and straight short hair is more crisp. Flowy curly hair gives a soft look.

Also, I don't know how far you want to take it, but if you want your hair a bit straigher, you can blow dry it on low(should be only a minute or 2) and then apply your product - work a pea sized amount into your finger tips and distribute throughout the hair, then repeat with more if needed. Less really is more, I do my hair daily and only buy a new Fiber container everything few months.

I am big into men style and fashion, big on human physiology(my formal education) and the art of body maintenance and staying youthful in body and mind, big on strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, anything that would be a "male" topic including helping guys with their "game" with the opposite sex, small business topic anything related to success. To be frank and honest, I just love life and helping/sharing.
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