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SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
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Hi. I am buying furniture for my house on Craigslist. I live

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Hi. I am buying furniture for my house on Craigslist. I live in New York abd do not have a car. I am trying to figure out a inexpensive way to take the furniture to my apartment when I find it. I wouldnt want to rent a truck for the whole day since id only need half an hour to move the furniture from the person's house to mine. I heard that there are cabs that do that type of service (that are big like trucks).

Does anyone know an option?

Xandihno, its Mike here again. I hope all is well.

You have a few options.

Finding a car share community for your zip and you should be able to find someone with a truck.

Some of the local home improvement stores actually allow you to rent a bedded truck for cheaper than an actual. Home Depot for example is one that allows the rental of these vehicles and they actually advertise renting for only a couple of hours.

If you are comfortable you could in theory put out an ad on your local craigslist asking for traveling help for a fee - many people like the idea of working with cash.

The other option is actually visiting a local brick and mortar home improvement store or a hardware store and inquiring - while some people don't actually list them, you can sometimes find "cash" help for a couple of hours, say on a weekend

I would also make it a point ask the person you are purchasing from if they could deliver for your for a bit of extra(the difference you feel is appropriate for it)
Thoughts Alex? Did you find this helpful?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

absolutely helpful, Mike!

what is a car share community?



Just do a google search for Car Share (city) where (city) is the place you are currently.

Car shares are basically communities where people literally share their cars and trucks for small fees or in barter for something else. Super helpful in dense cities where it makes no sense to own a car.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay. but when I did my google search on car share I only I found that companies like zip car were car shares companies. That wasnt what you were referring to, right?

Well since car sharing is a "new" concept, only a few years old, you may actually be limited in options.

I have used zipcars in the past - they allow you to rent by the hour or halfday or usually something in between. You should be able to actually find a larger van or crossover if needed or even a van to move what you need. You could in theory also rent a small trailer along with a zip car for considerably less, this way you save time in total trips travelled.
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