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Is a storage unit that is reasonable dry that fluxuates between

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Would a storage unit that is reasonable dry that fluxuates between 45 degrees in the winter to about the mid 70's or 80's in the summer be as good as a climate control unit when it comes to storing 10,000 new paperback books for no more than a few years? All the books are the same--they contain about 150 pages of full color art work, about 500 pages of black and white art work, and the rest is just straight text. Location is high desert climate in the middle of Arizona. The daily temperature in the unit probably fluxuates about between 10 to 20 degrees. BotXXXXX XXXXXne is--would climate control be better or am I being too extreme considering it would only be for a few years at the most?

My name isXXXXX will answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.

Obviously Arizona is known for its lack of humidity and its arrid climate. Generally speaking the non climate controlled unit should be fine in theory. However...

We know that cold temperatures actually encourage condensation of any moisture in the air. The issue with the paper back books is that the paper pulp will want to hold on to any moisture so it all depends on what else is in the storage building as well. That constant fluctuation in winter will actually encourage moisture to condense on the paper but also hold on to it. Will it be minimal? - yes.

If this is a sizable investment(both figuratively or literally), I would play it safe and go with climate controlled storage as you know the humidity will be kept low and constant - the constant temps will eliminate the condensation of any small amounts of moisture in the air thus eliminating the potential for any paper wrinkling.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What you say makes sense; however, moisture is not an issue where I live and besides the books are shrink wrapped. My main concern with temperature is not because of any condensation, but whether just the temperature range alone could be detrimental. For example, between night and day it could fluxuate 10 degrees, possibly 15. In the winter it could go as low as the mid 40's and in the summer as high as the mid 70's to mid 80's. Aside from moisture (which is not an issue), could that fluxuation in temperature be detrimental in any other way (assuming they could be there for a few years at the most). And yes, I do want to play it safe and would go with climate control IF it really made a difference; however, considering the fact that moisture is not an issue and they are shrink wrapped besides, I just want to know if this would be as good as a climate controlled unit.

Thank you for the addition info Jim.

The fluctuation in temperature would make no difference - Just imagine a book kept in a car over the years, perhaps something like a cross word puzzle book. Completely exposed, no real moisture just a difference in temperature(from 100s to 35-40 in the winters) and the books come out fine.

I have no doubts your books will be fine in the non-controlled climate - but again if there is moisture or a leak from the roof, something from someone elses unit that would be the only issue. However since the books are completely shrink wrapped that is a non-issue.

A 10-15 degree difference in temperature will make little difference because the building is covered and painted light colors to reduce heat soak.

If you trust there will be no freak snow or rain (Smile) that would moisturize the air - have confidence in the non-climate controlled units. I personally would save the money and do non-controlled.
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