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What does it mean when you continuously dream you have to go

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What does it mean when you continuously dream you have to go back and finish high school because there was an error many years ago and I see myself in school with kids 35 years younger than me in the hallways. I did graduate on time with no problems in 1975.


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A recurring dream typically means that a specific problem is bothering your subconscious, and that it is trying to draw you attention to the matter so that you can deal with the problem.

A dream that a person has to repeat high school usually represents self-doubt. The dreamer is uncertain of accomplishments in life or worries about measuring up to expectations. The dream is often triggered by a situation in life that brings up old anxieties and insecurities. If you can identify the situation that is causing these types of doubts/insecurities, and find a way to work through it, the dream should stop.

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