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Hi, For the critical reading section of SAT, that has long

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Hi, For the critical reading section of SAT, that has long paragraphs and then questions based on the paragraph, what is the best way to make a student score higher. What is the best way to improve the critical reading skills of a student aiming at SAT exam. Thanks
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

To score better on the critical reading skills part of the SAT, you first need to know a little about how it is structured.

There are two parts of this section, sentence completion and reading comprehension. The sentence completion questions ask you to pick the right vocabulary words to fill in the blanks in the given sentences.

As for tips on how to receive a better score on these type of questions, start by using your own word in the sentence and then look at the choices given to see if any they list match the ones you put down. Use real world examples to find the correct word and look for words that could change the answer from positive to negative and then look for that word in the list given.

For the reading part of the test, you will be given one to two stories to read and then answer the questions given. Some important tips would be to first not to just skip over the introduction as that can lead to valuable tips on the author as well as any historical facts about what is in the story. Look over the questions first to see what you should focus on. Important as not to just quickly read over and pass on things as you need to read the entire story. As in taking notes in class, underline key points and use these when ready to answer what is asked. Write notes in the margins to underscore what is important and can go back to review.

Working at a public library for many years, there are great practice test books available for you to borrow. Check with your local branch as well as your school library to see what you can check out.

Here is the database for many of your local libraries and what they hold in their collection. Go ahead and search to see what your local library has in terms of practice SAT exams:

I can also recommend reading as much as you can before you are ready to take the exam. Try reading the daily newspaper and then after finishing a story, go ahead and write down key points from the story you just read. Critical reading skills grow over time and practice reading each night will help in getting that important score you worked so hard to achieve. Best of luck in the SAT!
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