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How do I find something that restores you?As long as I know

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How do I find something that offers what you do?
As long as I know that I have someone who will listen honestly, I can relax without worries.
And how can I lie and manipulate so that I can start having some of the things that I want in life. You see life has drained me. I was sacrifised.

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Well I can tell you the first thing in getting what you want is actually creating a plan, objectively defining each and every step on the way there as well as possibilities of variables. Then you have to execute your plan. There is no other way, and getting what you want through lying, if it is something worth having will almost always have some serious consequence to it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
In my mind I dont need to Lie, but I have resently had a good start and was going somewhere, until a close enemy came out of her shell and sabotaged my endeavours. This after a long resession. My family used all their force to make me follow and meet up with this treatmentperson, which only males things worse. If I tru to get away from this gult situation they will get ugly. I found out one of them had people believe that I actually attacked her and I was unaware about it for right years, to this day, they don't think they've sone anything wrong. Because of this situation of neglect, I am inhabile to respekt to violence to protect myself. Cops could'nt care less. And other Heathrow personnel dont believe what I am saying, often in desparation.
If this is someone or something that is battering your name and reputation, I would follow up with it legally with your lawyer not the police. Defamation of character is a serious thing especially if it ruins your livelihood.

Other than that you need to create your plan and execute it.

Do not left other things distract you.
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