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What is the cheapest way to move my stuff across the count

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What is the cheapest way to move my stuff across the country?
How much space does all of your stuff consist of?

I have a bunch of ideas in mind, it just depends on what types of items you need to move..

Please be detailed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i got a sailboat bout 18 feet, dining room table, carpet shampooer and vacuum, washer, dryer, king size bed without frame, and probably about 10-15 boxes of dishes, clothes, etc. and i may bring a 30 gal fish tank. and me and my dogs. I was kinda thinkin about buying a box van and selling it when i get over there. I'd just be out the gas in theory.

What did you have in mind?

Thank you Eric - it's Mike, I worked on the Jetta TDI question with you before it was switched out of my category.

What zip are you moving from?

What about renting a UHAUL type of truck or box van? Are you completely opposed to that? Your biggest issue would just be the open trailer for the sailboat depending on where you were parking(I personally would be scared of people messing with it when I slept). At least at this point you wouldn't have to put mileage on a van, you wouldn't run the risk of it breaking and you having the to fix it and then you wouldn't really have to "float" the vehicle until you found a buyer.

If you are considering renting/buying a vehicle specifically for this, you could also attach the boat with probably zero issues, but my concern would be the risks(to be assumed by the owner of the vehicle) if something breaks down.. because then what?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, thank you btw, you were of great help with that question. Once I get to Portland I will be buying that vehicle.

Ok, I'm moving from zip code 62301

I only looked into budget rentals and as I said they priced me at around 1400. Is this just the general price range I'll be looking at plus the cost of gas to get out there. I think I'm more open to the renting idea, I'm just not sure who usually has the best rates.

Ok let me have a look.

Glad the TDI info was helpful. The guy who ended up stepping in for me is a guru on Euro cars.

1400 to me seems somewhat reasonable, and I would take this as the move you out and in price. I have seen quotes around 800 for Florida to NY for considerably less larger items, so at first glance that seems pretty good.

I would imagine each and every company(like Mayflower) will do it on a quoted basis but I will see if I can find some objective pricing - no promises here just in case they don't actually list it.

I will look and see what there is.
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