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I dont really see the category for my question, but I hope

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I don't really see the category for my question, but I hope someone can help! I have a long leather coat and several short leather jackets that were stored for the summer. They have excessive wrinkles. Dry cleaners are so expensive so I am trying to ask, how can I safely remove the wrinkles, at home, without damaging the fabric?
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Leather is such a great garment and can be expensive to take to a dry cleaner to get those wrinkles out.

I have gone ahead and researched some ways for you to take care of this problem without the cost
to have this done outside the home.

1. You can use a dry hand iron set at the low temperature. Do not use the steam setting. Place a piece of fabric such as cotton between the iron and the jacket and move the iron the entire time. Need that movement as close heat will damage the leather.

2. A quick method would also be to hang the jacket for several days as folding any garment like leather will cause the wrinkles. A few days hanging straight may release the wrinkles from the jacket.

3. You can also use a blow dryer as long as the wrinkles are not that bad. Need time and patience with this method as it can take sometime. Use from a distance and not direct contact.

4. Finally, some have suggested steam such as in the shower. The steam should relax the wrinkles and then use the iron treatment mentioned above.

With any home treatment, start in a small area of the jacket and see if any of these are helpful. Then continue along the rest of the garment, keeping an eye of any changes.

Just remember to hang the jackets when finished getting the wrinkles out and use garment bags to keep mildew out.
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