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I dream of a baby trying to kill me I then slam the baby against

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I dream of a baby trying to kill me I then slam the baby against the floor and hand the bab y to my cousin who puts the baby in a bag, I than dream of a shed and a basement there are people lying hostage ny a woman she has a candle and one of the hostages is trying to speak to me.

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to share my interpretation with you.

I can see how this could be quite a disturbing dream.

It seems to me to be an internal struggle you may be having with the loss of innocence and or purity. However I could also interpret it to be a struggle with someone another person. Since I do not know your life situation it is difficult to say for sure but I will show both.

A baby is the most innocent and pure of all humans however in your dream it is the exact opposite of those, it is a violent monster. It could be interpreted that the loss of innocence and purity is death to you, at least in your mind. Sometimes this can happen when we do things we are ashamed of or feel guilty about. We feel tainted, no longer pure and unable to return to how we were before whatever is making us feel guilty was done.

The baby could also represent someone in your life who is incredibly immature and attempting to drag you down in some way. You are fighting for your life against this person (baby) and must meet their violence with violence in order to prevent your own death.

Your cousin seems to represent someone or something that supports you, who is there for you. Without knowing your relationship with your cousin I cannot say if it is actually them who are supportive of you or in your dream they are just taking on the persona of your cousin.

Now onto the basement shed.

This could represent something trapped deep inside of you, something buried that you may not be consciously acknowledging because it may be too painful. The women with the candle is representing this feeling (could be a thought, or memory, or situation), letting you know that it is there. The women who is trying to speak to you is actually a representation of you. She is trying to work through this feeling but is unable to communicate it. This could be that you have something very painful inside you and part of you would like to work through it but you cannot yet.

I hope you find this interpretation helpful.

Thank you,

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