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Here is the dream: I am in a large house, not rich

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Here is the dream: I am in a large house, not rich or anything, on a big hill. There are people wandering about inside, I don't know them, but I seem to be part of things. There is a kind of nerdy looking 20ish guy, kind of sweet, gawky, with dark rimmed glasses. Soon I go to the front door and open it and find he has hanged himself on the porch. I recognize that it is bad, but don't feel anything. I go back inside and a 20 something girl is cleaning tables, she is acting angry, but it is because she is upset about this tragedy. Later she apologizes to me for acting brusque and explains it was because she was upset. She is calm now,and smiling and I say it is fine, I understand. That's it, except, the hill outside was very stark and cold looking. Like hard dirt mostly, a little dead grass. Thank you.

Hello and welcome. This may look completely unrelated but did you ever or do you often play video games (especially point and click type of adventure game)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, normally no. But, very unusual for me I was recently playing a game with zombies that you had to stop from getting in your house. I played it quite a few times, but it was a week ago. I normally don't go for that kind of thing.

OK, it was just reminding me of a series of game in the end of 80's early 90's with striking resemblance to your dream.

Do you have any contact with an introvert or someone that may get bullied or have suicidal tendency?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was being bullied by an abusive boyfriend these past months. I had some suicidal thoughts during that time. I just left him 3 days ago, and it was after I left that had the dream.

And I wondered about the girl cleaning - and feeling angry, she was doing that in the dream to cope with the feelings about the boy.

I can be extremely emotional but in the dream I was very very calm and just an observer.

From my experience with breakup, the boys are usually those that get depressed and sometime menace to commit suicide. Something left on a porch is usually a message.

The guy may be your ex and the angry girl may be you (the you that is not the observer, a kind of representation of you). The appearance of the boy may be your ex when you started to know him (when he was not or less abusive). The girl being angry and then OK must be you starting to accept the situation and thinking it is for the better (not the suicide, but the breakup). The reason why you have no emotion may be a dissociation because you have already another you in the dream that can have the emotion, or you starting to rationalize the situation about the breakup.

The location of the house (on a deserted hill) may represent your fear of being alone about the breakup or some kind of time you need recluse to have to time to figure out what to do next with your love life.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Damn Martin! You are bloody good at this! More than you know. I am the angry girl, I really have been distraught and trying to stay busy, but I'm starting to feel calmer and much better.


And the guy - so funny you said that - because when I met him he was kind of geeky and read a lot, and sweet and that was when I loved him so, but then he moved to NYC and became "cool" and tough acting, and trying to impress someone, or himself with this new persona he put on.


And he seemed less kind, less relaxed, less the boy I fell in love with. So I did feel like that boy died in a way, and never understood this change, but felt sad about it. And then he just got controlling and over the top in every way. So I had to go. And so the death of the relationship and the dream of it.


Painful, very painful, but I had to leave. You are right about the house on both points. I was initially very fearful of being all alone- physically and I had believed he was the "one" who got me. But was sadly mistaken. And I am staying at my brother's house which is in the country, with much space inside and outside of it. Yes, I am here figuring it all out.


The message on the porch. That is brilliant Martin! That is so perfect! (Why didn't I think of that!?) (Oh, I guess i did! =)


Well, compliments to the dream interpreter I'm seriously impressed. Thank you. That actually helps me a lot. Really does. =)


Have a lovely and peaceful day. Thanks again.

It was my pleasure to help.
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