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What substances can be added to water to reduce significanty

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What substances can be added to water to reduce significanty its surface tension?
Thank you so much for the request - this is an excellent question.

You technically could add oils, coupled with a water soluble emulsifyer(like those used in foods, which we talked about before) to reduce surface tension. Esters of vegetable oils like PEG-7 olivate is also common, cheap and easy ways to do this. If you are able to find esterfyied derivatives of oils that actually makes them more water soluble and easier to use.

Also HOT water is a good idea, so technically adding heat also, which is why you may notice it cleans so well. Basically "allows" more into solution if you think of surface tension like it were a membrane(its not but just think of it) and cold makes it more tough, heat makes it more permeable.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are there any common solids or liquids that would also do the same thing? What I am looking for are materials/liquids that added to water would reduce splashing.

Well lets approach this differently.

What kind of application are you looking to reduce splashing in?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was hoping to come up with something to patent that would stop getting splashed with water on one's legs when peeing into a toilet!!!


There goes my patent idea and hopes for becoming very well off at the ripe old age of 78!

Believe me I know this feeling ! ! Urinals are the worst...

You may laugh, but the best thing I have found, for both standing and sitting toilet "activities" is simply putting a couple double layer stripes of toilet paper down as a "net" which will "catch" everything that hits it. Basically you completely change the surface tension so much that unless something huge hits it with a ferocious velocity, there will be no splashback. Same for standing.

You would have to realllly change the surface tension of water(and keep in mind have something that is still safe to be flushed in massive amounts) to keep splashback from happening because of the concentration of force by the stream of urine.

SpecialistMichael and 40 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I guess you will get the patent for using toilet paper!


You have really made my day, and doubtless your last answer will make every reader of JustAnswer answers smile a lot. Great job SpecialistMike.

No no, this is your idea, at least explore it. Its a pleasure helping, thank you for the compliment.

Create or find some sort of film roll, different from toilet paper than can be laid and dispersed down into the toilet(maybe something similar to the toilet seat covers) that can be placed in the water to prevent splashback. It should be strong enough within itself to deal with multiple impacts or continuous impact(from liquid waste) but light enough that it can dissolve and eventually be flushed down the toilet.

I would imagine this would be invaluable in a public setting. Think about how those seat covers took off following the invention of them. They are literally in every bathroom.

Seriously, try to look into it, I will help with whatever I can here. Worst that can happen is realizing it just won't fit into the "market".



You can continue to reach me through this link with any of your other questions.


Have a great weekend.