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Question Category: Psychic Guidance I would like to ask

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Question Category: Psychic Guidance

I would like to ask a question of a Psychic who is clairvoyant or good at seeing at a distance and locating lost objects. I recently lost an expensive cell phone in a plaid case an (IPhone). I thought that it was in the bedroom of my home, but I don't seem to be able to locate it anywhere. From the evening that I lost it until morning, I had dinner in a restaurant in a large city and then came home and went to bed, I thought that the phone was on a bedside table or even laying in the bed where I was sleeping but in the morning it had completely disappeared. I am fairly sure that I charged the phone in the car as I was driving home so, that explains it not being in the car. I am almost certain that I used the phone as an alarm clock on the morning after as well. While I think these things are correct, it is possible that I could be wrong. If you can provide any assistance or clues as to where it might be I would be very grateful. Thanks so very much.

Hello, Allan and welcome back to Just Answer.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to be of help to you. I have been a verified expert on JustAnswer for almost 7 years and I was an expert in our Psychic Guidance Category, but that was closed, so we are now answering this type of question in our General Category.

If you have not already called the restaurant where you dined the night before, I'd do that to ask if anyone found it and turned it in. If you're not 100% sure you charged it in the car on the way home and walked into the house with it, it may have been left at the restaurant or dropped while you were walking from the restaurant to your car or from the car to the house.

If your normal routine is to leave it on your bedside table or sleep with it beside you in bed, and use it as an alarm clock, if it is in your house at this time, I feel that it could have been knocked off the beside table or bed and is somewhere in that vicinity: under or behind the bed, behind the night table, up against the wall. If you have any pets (cats/dogs), it could have been removed from your bed or night table while you slept (or afterwards) and could be hidden in a place where your pets like to hide toys or it could have been 'hockeyed' around and ended up anywhere in the house.

I'm assuming you called the phone and did not hear it ring in the house or elsewhere (car)? It's also possible that it was stolen from the table where you were eating dinner, if you had it on the table at the time, or if you dropped it during your dinner or while you were retrieving your car to drive home.

I'm picturing it either being lost or stolen between the restaurant and your home, or it's in an obscure place in your bedroom like under a pillow, between the headboard or footboard and mattress (if you have these), if not on the floor or under the bed, as I mentioned earlier. Also, look in the clothing you wore that night, if it had any pockets, and look in your shoes/boots in addition to your clothes closet and dresser drawers.

For the moment, I would suggest reporting the phone lost or stolen to the company who provides your service, if you haven't, yet, so you aren't hit with a huge bill, if it was found and used by someone. Also, ask the company if they can locate it with their equipment, if the phone is on. They might be able to triangulate it's position.

I do hope you find your phone asap!

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Best regards,
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