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me and my girlfriend have a lot of inquires about our home.

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me and my girlfriend have a lot of inquires about our home. they are usually in the form of "is your house haunted?" and everybody that visits us always speak of their experiences while visiting. they all sww and say about the same scenerios. cold spots visuals moving about sounds that do not belong. they being misplaced rooms they will not go into and other tells of things that all are pretty similiar in content unknowingly to them that all the stories seem to match one anothers. what do we do? what precautions should we take?
Hello and welcome. Can you give me more detail about that part "misplaced rooms"?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
yes there should of been a period in between the two words. im not great at typing.misplaced is the things that appear to have been moved to a different location. rooms they will not go into are just that, they have heaviness about them. even our pets avoid them at times.
I never think houses are really haunted but rare phenomenon can happen.
In E=mC^2 you see that to have negative energy (cold spot) you need to have also negative mass (repulsive gravity). You may be experiencing some kind of physic anomaly in the house that can make reality feel slightly different.
It may be related to a special crystal formation underground or a resonant cavity (cave) of a special size, if i knew i could be rich :)
I don't think you have to get scared about this and enjoy having something particular that others don't have.
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