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what is the typical cost of a dental implant in the bonito

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what is the typical cost of a dental implant in the bonito springs/naples/estero area of florida


I live on the east coast of Florida and am very familiar with what you are looking for in Dental Implants.

A single implant can range in the $1,000-$3000 range depending on what needs to be done which can include the preparation which is bone grafts, and other preparation which can include impressions, molds etc. There are also mini implants which are smaller and the cost is about 60% less than what a regular implant would cost. This link goes over the cost of Implants and what causes the variations in the cost:

This is one Dentist that is in the Naples area that does both the regular Implants as well as the Mini Implants:

If cost is a big factor, then a Dental school may be a way to get the Implants at a lower cost.

The biggest factor in cost in getting the Dental implants will be what needs to be done to prepare your mouth and jaw to accept the implants and if you a a good candidate.

None of the Dentists will quote prices, until they do a consultation and see what they are dealing with in the individual's mouth and what will need to be done.

I hope this information is helpful and you will find someone who can do the Implants at a reasonable cost. Joan

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