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Joan Researcher; Can you help me apply for a grant for my son

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Joan Researcher; Can you help me apply for a grant for my son for school. He is struggling and had a concussion last year.


I will be happy to try and assist you. Can you tell me what State he is located in?

Does he live alone?

has he filled out a Fafsa form?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Fl and the conundrum is whether to apply independantly or not. He is 21 and does not want to return home. HIs Father wants nothing to do wtih being obligated toward paying back a loan as that would also stress him out.


I am in Fl and will start doing some research and tell you my findings. Please give me some time to work on this and will be back to you soon.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes he is alone now by the way....I told him to apply to eF-SU because he allready stopped going for one semester because his Father needed to know he was getting a job first. His friend moved back home and apt will be leased to someone else soon. We will support him wit some expenses, but can't totally.


THe Childsuport is $435 monthly, and his wages garnished 60% ...We are trying to get a modification to reduce it,, but attornies want too much. Because it was ordered too high for his age at that time. He was underage. ...He overdosed and ended up in the hospital using other kids meds. After the concussion last year,,, he changed, but struggling. Had a pschyoevaluation and test... He has weakneses in some areas. But strong writing language skills. He makes minimum wage.
Has his AA...did not take statistics tho..Rides his bike to save money.


I have a few things to look into for you and will be back with you asap.



What we want to do is first file for Fafsa. This is Federal Student Aid: This would include Pell Grants and Work/Education program which he works through the school and he gets paid as well as getting his education.

He will need his income tax filing, as well as some other personal information. There are some free services that can assist him in filling out the forms and the Application can be done online.

These organizations should be able to assist him with filing at no charge: Fafsa does offer help in filing.

I would have him do the filing himself, because he needs that assurance and practical knowledge to do this.

This link has a list of Grants and Scholarships, that he may be eligible for:

Have him start the Fafsa application and gather all the needed tax forms, pay check stubs and expenses so he can fill the form out. There is as I said, phone numbers to call for help to do the application.

This link is for Grants right from FSU: you can call the Financial Aid Dept for questions. They have advisors that can help guiding him through their Grant process.

This is a good starting point, because we do not want to overwhelm him with too much. Please let me know if you need more help. I think this will point him in the right direction. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok . I will start a small piece at a time. Is the office to get help in Tallahasee? He has difficulty starting. Today he has no umbrella. So he can't go anywhere. Only has $30 for the application and $30 for living. Is that too little?


You or your son can call the FSU Financial aid office and they have counselors that will talk with him and sit with him and go over what he needs to be done.(They do have help for students with special needs). The FAFSA application is done online and there is no cost and they also have a phone number to go over what documention is needed to get the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant will cover from $2500-$5500 for his classes depending on how many credit hours he takes. The Pell grant may even cover some housing expenses. The school also has a work/class program. The most important thing is to make the calls and speak with the counselors who have the information to get his paper work started.

The first step is to fill the applications. They even have counselors that work with people who have medical issues like your son to help them get the financing for college. Most of what needs to be done can be done online and on the phone. Joan

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