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Why are $2 bills thought to be good luck and used on Chinese

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Why are $2 bills thought to be good luck and used on Chinese New Year's?
A tradition that is done by many Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and other Asian immigrant families. This is done for the Lunar New Year and is a annual holiday tradition. This is known as "hong bao" in Mandarin in which adults give money to younger members of the family in bright red envelopes.
This from MSN Money: This is the time of year for married couples to hand out cash gifts in decorated red envelopes, called hongbao in Mandarin, usually to children and single adults. There’s a certain protocol to follow if you plan to be the gift giver: Don’t fold the paper money inside the envelope, and avoid old and ratty bills. Also stay away from multiples of four -- as the number four in Chinese sounds a lot like the word for “death.”
"For your elders, the sum in each packet should end with the figure eight, to wish them wealth and prosperity, or six, for longevity," advises the Expat Kiwis blog. "For peers, such as cousins or siblings, stick with any amount ending with eight. For juniors, any amount ending with the digits 2 or 6 will be appropriate as they symbolize good health."
Here is a NPR story on the the various amounts given as well as reasons why:
As for giving out $2 bills for good luck, here is a story that shows how hard some go in order to find some to give out to friends and family:
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