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I was wondering where I can find information about what certaincompani

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I was wondering where I can find information about what certain companies pay their employees. I've done a pretty extensive Web search and have not been able to find anything but general estimations of salaries per industry and area. Is there a reason why this data is so difficult to find? How do people determine their worth as an employee, if they are being reasonably compensated at their current position, and what is reasonable to expect when applying to new jobs/negotiating salary? Is this data just something that companies are very private about or is there a place where I can find more information on this topic? Note: I do understand that it is fairly easy to find the average salary for common industries and jobs (for example, a retail store manager) but I am interested in more niche industries and positions. Thanks in advance!

Its Mike, thank you so much for the request.

Are you looking to see what a general trend for a salary is? Or are you looking specifically for individual employees?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A little more specific than a general trend...mainly looking in the business service industry (small businesses offering B2B services). More precisely, a niche industry offering shared/serviced office space and virtual offices (other names: executive suites/business centers). Looking for what employees such as managers, sales, marketing, etc. make typically. I haven't been able to find really any data on this industry, not sure why...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Washington DC

Ok Sara, I am back with not "awesome" news but because I need more information from you.

You are correct in your findings. There is limited published information regarding just general employment positions. I am sure it is simply because it 'kinda-sorta" private between the individual who is employed as well as the variation from company to company and an individual differences between 2 of the same people in the same position.

Can you give me a job title or a group of them and/or a person who's salary I might be able to look for?

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