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how can i patent an invention

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how can i patent an invention

Hello, Christopher and welcome to Just Answer.

In order to patent an invention, you need to follow the steps outlined below.

Go to the Irish Patent Office website:

Next, click 'Patent Application Form No 1' to download and fill out the application.
You need to provide an application for a patent as part of the request for the grant of a patent for your invention. If you would like to file a patent application directly to the patent office, click on 'Patent Application Guide' for directions on how complete Patent Application Form No 1, in addition to learning how to include a section on claims, description, drawings, and/or an abstract section, if needed. Specifications for the above sections should be typed or printed on single sided A4 pages with margins of two to three centimeters. Each page must be numbered and you'll need to provide two copies of these documents, when submitting them to the Irish Patent Office.

The specifications document should include the title and description of the invention, claims (which describe and define the scope of the invention and the legal protection confirmed by the patent, if granted), and any drawings (which are not necessary if it does not apply to the patent, though drawings are said to be useful in clarifying the type of invention), and lastly, an abstract. The abstract should be typed on a separate sheet of A4 paper and should begin with the title of the invention, and a 150 word (or less) summary about the invention. It's very important to include all essential features of your invention in the summary.

You can contact the patents filing office at the address/phone below, to find out what your filing fee will be and also the best way to send in your application:

Government Buildings
Hebron Road

Phone: 00-353-56-7720111
Fax: 00-353-56-7720100

I wish you much good luck with your invention and hope it is very successful!

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