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I dreamed last night about having two small white dogs. One

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I dreamed last night about having two small white dogs. One was fluffier and slightly larger than the other. Both wanted to go outside. I was in the living room of a house (which I have never seen before). To my left was a door, a wood staircase, going up about seven steps or so, then another door at the top. The smaller dog wanted to go out the bottom door but the larger of the two would not. He/she insisted on wanting to go out the other door, but wouldn't ascend the stairs. I finally had to pick him/her up and carry the dog up the stairs where he/she finally went out to do his/her business (which I somehow knew was to pee).
Hello and welcome.

That look like the mind picturing a dilemma. The "choice" with the door upstairs seem the most difficult one and the one you took (or helped one of the dog to do). Perhaps you are (or someone close to you) is in a dilemma about 2 choices and the hard one need to be selected.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What do white dogs represent? What does the living room represent? What does the staircase represent? Why up the stairs? What do the doors represent? Why is one dog bigger than the other???? I'm not happy with this answer about at the dream at all.

White represent purity, truth or a good things. White dogs may represent the materialization of those good things.

The staircase can represent a passage from something to something else. In that particular case because one door is at your level, the staircase one is a more difficult passage or solution.

The doors represent choices or possibilities. In early video games they also often used that symbol as the level selector. From Dark Castle:,243319/

The living room is a broad possibility. It may mean personal life or family, it should not concern work or career.

The size of the dog may mean something but i think it is only a way to make the choice more obvious (especially if both dog are of the same breed).

I don't know the choices you currently have in front of you but the nature of the dream (pee related) point to something in the very short term, something that may have to happen the sooner possible.
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