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I was in an English market town with my departed grandmother

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I was in an English market town with my departed grandmother and we bought a cabbage from an Indian gentleman (wearing a large black turbin) on his market stall. He said that it would have to be prepared and that I should go round the corner to the window and get the cabbage. At the window was an elderly Indian gentleman (withouth a turbin) and he washed the cabbage under a running tap and all the earth was ozing out he then lifted up the cabbage leaves tied them in a knot and said that it was nearly ready. He then placed the cabbage on the floor and covered it with a beautiful stripped rug with orange fringes and played indian music and said it was nearly done just a few minutes.

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Dreaming of cooking cabbage is a warning of dental problems to come. If you were eating the cabbage, that could suggest apending conflict with family members.

A turban can mean that the dreamer feels confined by society's conceptions of what is normal or accepted.

Dreams that include a dead relative often mean that you miss the person. With a recent loss, it's usually just a subconsicous way of coping with the loss. If she has been deceased for a long time, she could represent a current situation or relationship in your life that has qualities similar to those that the relative had.
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