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how do you find out if a raw stone might be a diamond it has a water dispercement of appro

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how do you find out if a raw stone might be a diamond it has a water dispercement of approx. 50-52 cc, it weight is 170.8grams, 2636 grains, is it possible? its clairity is great with some inclusions. its demensions from 5 diffrent angles is 1. 2 1/8" 2. 1.5" 3. 2.5" 4. 2" 5. 1 3/4" that is as much info i can think of to give. thank you
Hello and welcome.

51cc = 51g

The specific gravity of diamond is 3.52

170.8/51 = 3.35

Using that as a guide:
You can get an idea of what you have.
Note that all this is for relatively pure stone. Depending of the kind of impurities in it, the test may not be much valid. If it is quite uniform and clear, then at 3.35 it is not diamond.

Another test is the hardness. If you can scratch Corundum with it, then it can very well be diamond.

Diamond conduct heat very well. You can bring it to a gemologist and he will be able to conduct a thermal resistivity test on it.
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