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I have a recurring dream that I catch a muslim and cut his

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I have a recurring dream that I catch a muslim and cut his throat. Upon walking away I notice he has gotten up, and is attempting to run away again. Once again I catch him and repeat the process. This time, upon walking away, he's up and leaving again! This time when I catch him, I hamstring, and severe his achilles tendon so he can't run. Before I wake up he's up and running on his hands. I wake up, cold sweats etc..
Hello and welcom. Any particular past or present relation with Muslim?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Gulf war in the early 90's, and extensive travel afterwards as a commercial diver. I get aggravated whith religion in general but they always stand out when it comes to the basic fact, they cant get along with anybody..

Make no compuctions, for I dislike christians as well, but my reactions during this dream, are becoming frightening.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Gulf War in the early 90's, extensive travel afterwards as a commercial diver. Lots of contact with the religoin, but their inability to coexist with anyone else.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First, when I was 7 living in Pretoria, SA. After coming to the U.S. went to the military. Afterwards as a commercial diver. Their constant inability to coexist with anybody other than their own. I am white, but not christian either, but automatically I'm assumed an infidel, because i'm a non-beleiver. My reactions to this dream are becoming more violent with time.

That put the dream in perspective. Your dream is probably not about wanting to "kill" anyone but wanting to change a part of their culture you don't like. Because you see them as non mixing, you don't see your actions or will get any grip on them and it frustrate you.

All the cultural relation will eventually get better, but it will take time, and by time i mean decades.

I have known and worked with many Muslim, some just like you mentioned, some quite the opposite and very friendly. Try to get close with a friendly one when you can. It will allow you to understand why they act like they do. Often they act out of fear, you don't have to fear them in retaliation.
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