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what does it mean when you dream some sort of goasts are crawing

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what does it mean when you dream some sort of goasts are crawing on you and holding you down

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this.

Typically, ghosts in a dream represent some aspect of your past. Where the ghosts are attacking you or trying to kill you, that usually suggests that there is something in your past that you need to face (even if it is painful). The recurring nature of the dream suggests that it is time for you to confront your past and move on in order to move ahead with your life.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have no idea what in the past it could be, I think the worse bit is I can feel whatever it is coming moving on the bed and then holding me, but have no way of moving when it's there like my arms are heavy, it also seems I'm awake and telling it its not there.
Then I think I do wake up. Any ideas. On how to find out what in the past,
These dreams I've had on and off for years, when I was younger I went through years of thinking I come out of school with no shoes, but don't think i was bullied but was very shy, any ideas welcome.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Other.
It seems a very general answer but more info would be good, maybe different opinions my help make sense of the problem
When you have a recurring dream like that, your subconscious is usually trying to tell you something.

However, what you're describing now doesn't sound like ghosts at all, so the ghosts analysis wouldn't apply. A dream that you are being held or trapped suggests that there is something in your life that makes you feel confined or restricted - a job, relationship (personal or professional), health issues. Something that is causing a feeling of helplessness or powerlessness. You may also be in a rut and feel like you need change.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi again sorry a little confused about the feeling of someone/something coming in and the feeling of it moving on the bed then the door, can that somethings happen with trapped dreams?I can understand the helplessness and powerless part cause i am in the dreams it's very freighting when it's happening, I'm taking something to put me in a deep sleep because they happen more if I don't I don't like relying on it but the dreams are back if I don't take it, even when I've forgotten to take something the dream happens and I click I haven't taking anything.
My mind is playing with me for sure,
Don't wont to go into to much detail on the Internet but my life has been very complex and has now changed dramatically but the dreams are more often, having them makes you feel as if you've gone don't wont to tell anyone this is the first time I've spoken about them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry don't know if you got my last message could you have a look
I'm sorry. I should have gotten notification of that message, but for some reason, I never did.

I understand that dreams can be scary. When they keep coming back, it's usually a sign to examine why, so it's good that you're looking into it. It's not uncommon for a person to move in a dream, even in ways that don't make sense - like, you go from being in a forest, to standing on a roof somewhere. That's really not that unusual. If you are able to determine what is causing the dreams and address that area of your life to resolve the issue, the dreams should go away.
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