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Was on a hill with other people we were watching bears chasing

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Was on a hill with other people we were watching bears chasing white goats one of the bears caught 2 of the goats taking them down and killing them both. As we continued to watch I saw a larger bear looked white chasing a smaller bear I think it was brown. The smaller bear carried a fish in it's mouth. The big bear was chasing the smaller one up the hill toward us.i got the feeling the big bear wasn't interested in the fish the other bear had in it's mouth but rather chasing down the smaller bear.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How much more time are you requesting I wait, as its already been over 14 hours?
I will need to know this before making a decision to cancel and will then require a refund.
Thanks for your attention
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks for your reply
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer.

Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Because you were an observer in your dream, and not actually interacting with the bears, it seems you didn't fear any harm from the bears towards you and/or the other people you were with. However, because you were up on a hill, overlooking this 'scene', this signifies that you were 'above' the situation and unable to do anything to interfere or intervene. This may be interpreted as your feeling that someone in your life or at work, etc., is 'attacking' you as the first bears you saw were chasing down the white goats, were successful, and caught and killed two of them. This may represent your feeling that someone is causing a problem for you, making life difficult for you and trying remove you from a situation, as it would be to their benefit.

It's interesting that the larger, white bear was chasing down the smaller, brown bear and didn't seem interested in taking the fish from the smaller bear, but just hunting it down. The white bear may have been a polar bear, which is endangered and close to extinction, so this for you, may have represented your worry about a position or something else in your life that you fear may soon be removed or taken away. The fact that the white bear just seemed to want to eradicate the smaller, brown bear and wasn't even interested in it's 'food' (the fish), shows pure malicious intentions and just wanting to take down the smaller, weaker bear. You may have a shadow hanging over you in your conscious life which is appearing in your subconscious or unconcious life, as you dream, that you are worried about, regarding a higher up or more influential person taking something that is yours. It could be a job, a person, or anything you hold dear.

This would indicate you need to stand up for yourself and not be overpowered or taken advantage of, by a person who may be a bully or hold a higher position and who is unkind to you or always trying to outdo you and take the credit for your ideas and accomplishments.

I hope this helped, and if it did, please let me know. Also, Rating my answer in a positive manner with the happiest, smiley face Laughing would be greatly appreciated, as that is the only way in which I receive credit from the site for my assistance. Thanks!

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hmm..m no I .must strongly disagree with this analysis. Could their be another interpretation, as I don't have any concerns and it is quite the opposite of what you describe. E.g. Worried, bullied in any way or being overpowered, taken advantage of, someone being unkind....etc.

Hello again, and thanks for your reply.

I was not immediately notified of your response, so I apologize for the delay.

Please allow me to delve into this further and ponder additional interpretations. Thanks!

Best regards,

Hi again, and thanks for your patience.

Let's approach this from a different perspective. The fact that you're standing on a hill can be interpreted as affording you a reassuring human dimension to the sacred, and allow you to contemplate your life and self-understanding as a something that is quite manageable. Because you were initially 'away' from the action of the bears taking down the goats, because you were up on the hill, you were safe; however, at the end of your dream you said the larger bear was chasing the smaller bear with the fish in it's mouth, up the hill toward you, so this may be interpreted in two different ways. You didn't indicate that you felt 'fear' as the bears were coming up the hill, toward you (again, a sign that you are able to manage your life and whatever may come your way), but the smaller bear may have been seeking refuge and your protection (from the humans standing on the hill); this symbolizes that you're a nuturing person who helps those who need it. The larger bear may have indicated a danger for you, as it was coming in your direction, but you didn't seem concerned about it at all, so this is a very positive and self-confident symbol, that you can take care of yourself.

If you have any additional questions, please click "Reply to Expert" and I will be more than happy to continue to discuss this with you. Thanks!

Best regards,
Cher, Educator-40+ yrs
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 21446
Experience: M.A., B.A., Author, Information & Research Specialist
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