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Is ripstop nylon a food safe product?

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I would like to know how to find out if ripstop nylon is considered a food-safe product (for use as a lining in commercial snack and sandwich bags)?

As with many items today in our society, one has to be aware if there are things that we are using that can be considered harmful in our daily use. As for ripstop nylon, it is used many ways. From lining in bags and picnic baskets to kites, sails and sportswear. It is used because it will not tear and can hold up quite nicely. As for food safety, my research shows that this is an inexpensive and easy to use nylon. From everything I have researched, ripstop is shown to be safer (dry foods overall) than other products in this market such as PUL, which some worry that the chemical can get onto your food. It may though not keep your food as fresh as some have said. Many people are making their own bags from ripstop and you can visit your local craft store to make your own (use the uncoated side when making your bag) if you do not wish to use the products that are on the market for everyday use.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Michael,

Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate the information that you gave me, however, it's not really more detailed than the info that I found in researching the topic before I submitted the question to

JustAnswer. What I would really like to know is:

1) Does the FDA certify food-safe fabrics?

2) If so, is ripstop nylon considered food-safe by the FDA?

For the food bags that I am making commercially, I need this information for the vendor to be able to accept the product. Thanks for any additional information that you can find.

Nina FIsher

From what I understand conducting additional research this morning, there is no barrier fabric that has been FDA approved for safe food contact.
In terms of the FDA, here is a recent report on Textiles and textile fibers in the use of food storing:
As for ripstop nylon, there is nothing in terms of the FDA by my research if it is considered food-safe. I also conducted a search using periodicals as well as newspapers going back many years and only older mention of ripstop used for food containers but nothing current in the press on its safety.
Your best bet with any questions dealing with the FDA would be to contact them directly to see what their stand it on this product.
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