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I had a dream that me and a man were looking for the lost princess.

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I had a dream that me and a man were looking for the lost princess. We visited the castle but it looked old, even the paint was faded. The castle seemed to have extensions of buildings that we have today, so the castle looked more like a museum. The guide who was showing us around pretended like we didn't know what we were talking about when we asked about the princess. The man thought she was a witch and that she was probably the cause of the princess' disappearance.

There was an elevator but the man wasn't familiar with it, so we went to look at the apartments. There were about 3 levels. Based on old pictures that the man had, the princess has blonde hair. So I glimpsed someone with blonde hair in the corner of the last apartment. We headed that way, and I climbed up to the 3rd level. As I was climbing I passed by the second level where there was a girl with blonde hair, but the man insisted I go to the top.

So I went to the third level and there was a girl smiling with her head covered, and her maid came and said you've finally found her, and the girl came to me so I can carry her down. When we landed, she removed the shawl or hood, and she had black hair, she also had problems with her shoulders and legs. I thought to myself that this couldn't be the princess, but the man had already thought she was and he ran to check on her.

I told the man to wait while I climb again to check. I went to the second floor where I saw the blonde girl, and it turned out the second level was a shop for halloween accessories. I saw her working there with 4 other women, and the man who owned the store was crazy. He was telling crazy halloween stories getting his customers to buy weird objects from him. I asked him about the girl with blonde hair, and he said she costs some price I don't remember. So I thought he was crazy to be selling these women. I called the man to come up and see this, and for the first time I pulled his head through the window to see the girl with blonde hair, my hand touched the man's head and he had long black hair and I couldn't see his face so I didn't know if I was pointing him in the right direction. I told him that we got the wrong princess because I knew from the woman with black hair's personality is not the princess' personality.

I also pointed at the women working who stood in a line, and I said that the princess' spirit must have been put in one of those women's body, I also told him that I think the girl with blonde hair is the princess. The man refused to believe it, and said that he loves the woman with black hair, regardless of her problems with her physical health. He climbed back down, and I bought something from the halloween store that could help assist the woman with black hair in movement and mobility.
Hello and welcome.

Please note that a dream may just be random and mean nothing. That said we will try to make sense of that one. The way the dream is structured show that you have a very scientific/analytic mind as it is structured in time, space and have many symmetry elements.

The theme seem to be a desire for adventure mixed with having to make difficult choices in life, perhaps a career or another major choice involving opportunity. In other word, the fear to make the wrong choice.

Yourself being brown and going back and forth between a blonde and black haired princess almost make it like you are at some cross road. The 2 men that mislead you don't seem to do it on purpose but you are probably the lost princess in that dream.

The dream is then a search for your own identity, your true "spirit". So many around you perhaps recommend you things that don't feel right for you, you need to trust your guts more and analyze less or you will get caught in a decision loop for too long and miss many opportunities.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was anxious about the man making a wrong decision. I was only following his instructions based on the pictures he sent me, but he believed the princess' personality is present in the girl with black hair. So appearances could be deceiving. The black haired girl has problems walking almost like a puppet, and I didn't understand why the man would want her. I tried to fix her up by straightening her shoulders and for some reason I thought of a scale, like the old fashioned ones. Also used as the zodiac sign for a Libra.


The halloween shop seemed to strike me as dangerous where many of the objects were sharp, and the customers were aggressive in acquiring the props. I trusted my gut that the girl with blonde hair was the princess because of the way she looked at me, like she knew something. But if the man didn't care about that, he seemed to be in love with the black haired girl, so it didn't matter to me either since I was only helping him get what he wants.


I wasn't really afraid of making the wrong choice, because I wanted the man to choose. I was trying to point him in the right direction by showing him who the princess really is and that she is stuck in the halloween shop, while the man makes the wrong decision in choosing someone who really isn't like the princess. I always knew that the blonde girl was the princess, so I hadn't changed my mind by going back and forth between my decisions. I just didn't want the man to be mistaken.


I have a friend who always makes bad decisions, and she doesn't like that I'm always right. She tells me what she wants, and I try to help her out by explaining to her why something is wrong and why something is right. However she always chooses the wrong decision regardless of the disadvantages. It's like she just ignores them and has a completely changed mind set. She is very unbalanced. I guess the black haired woman and the man are very much the same in the sense that one is physically unbalanced, while the other is mentally unbalanced. Because the man was happy with his decision I decided to stop convincing him about who the actual princess is. It seemed like the man wanted the black haired woman to be the princess and not the other way around. He is just forming the image in his head without actually seeing the truth. I believe my friend is the same. She is very stubborn, and can't be convinced once she sets her mind on doing something regardless of whether it's bad or not.


I feel that dreams are an alternative reality of what we experience to help us straighten out our emotions. I couldn't change the man's decision just like how I can't change my friend. No matter how right the answer is, some people are just content with their bad decisions.


The way the right princess was trapped in that halloween store, I wanted to free her, but the right answer didn't matter to me if the man didn't think the same. The right princess represents the correct match or right decision, and I wanted the man to see that, if he couldn't, then there was no reason to keep trying to free the princess. There was no more reason to try and prove why the answer is right.


I had to point the man's head in the right direction because no matter how hard he was looking the answer didn't seem obvious to him. The blonde girl stood in line among three other women who had different hair colours, and no matter how much the blonde hair stood out, the man kept insisting that the black haired woman is the princess. That was when I gave up. The answer to who the right princess is was very obvious, but the man refused to acknowledge it, or was completely blind to it due to the opinion he had already formed in his head.


I guess this just explains how people are blinded by their own judgement and are unable to see straight when the answer is so clear.

Your view seem possible if you got to sleep very worried about another of your friend choice. That said and like i mentioned earlier, you are very analytic and may for that very reason read the dream too "realistically". A dream is more about symbolism and nothing is really as it seem. A scale/libra is a sign of balance, again this reflect choices and symmetry, you want to fix problem with reason, so the girl with black hair may be your friend (or the problems of your friend in general). What the girl with blonde hair may seem to know is that you are the princess, she might represent an internal mirror in the dream.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's true that I try to fix the problem with reason, so I don't understand how people can still choose to go with the wrong decision. It makes me wonder if they already know that it's wrong and they just chose to neglect it, or whether they're just completely blind to it. The evidence exists right in front of them but they see right through it, so I have a hard time understanding people like that. It makes me wonder what my role is in the friendship that I have with my friend. If I'm not supposed to explain to her the evidence then do I just let her go?


We argue all the time over things like this, and the only way the problem is solved and when we stop arguing is when I give up. I just tell her to go do whatever she wants and I convince myself to forget about it. But it doesn't mean that another problem arises. I always have a hard time understanding why she makes such decisions. So I always try to reason with her, but she doesn't like, and that's when we argue. I feel that even she doesn't understand herself. Is it wrong for me to be analytic? I'm only pointing out what's right, I don't understand why she keeps thinking I'm the bad one.


If this dream could help me understand a bit more that would be great.

Some are more analytic than other. You can "simulate" problems in your head before they happen, she seem to struggle with that ability. She may not have the baggage of knowledge to do think like you do. Some just need to learn from first hand experience.

As long as her choice are not life threatening i would tell her "once" my opinion and be done with it.

We all have a friend like that and to someone else of earth you are perhaps the one that never take the good decision :)

Sometime some indeed know what is wrong and neglect it. This is called procrastinating. Some just don't want to select a path if they can't split a problem in smaller parts. You may see the obviousness but they don't. Others just like to take the hard way because it allow them to test themselves and feel more alive that way.

A society with just analytic thinking would fail. Having adventurer and artist is needed as errors are a great part of success in the long run.

Telling her your opinion is already enough of what a friend have to do, changing her mind by forcing her to adopt your view is not. You may also concentrate too much on her errors. Try to see what see do right. Try to accept that and see if this change your future dreams because right now they sure look like a computer hacking at long problem to solve :)

The Seinfeld TV show was a lot (if not always) about one of the friend disagreeing with another friend and was quite amusing, this is the way of life.
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