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What is the difference between a Social Networkng website and

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What is the difference between a Social Networkng website and a Social Media website
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These two terms are very similar but their is some difference between them.

Social media is a way to share information with a broad audience. People using social media can share ideas with everyone.

While social networking is similar in that people are sharing information but they are only sharing in their social network. The information is not necessarily for everybody but it for their network of people who usually shares some common interest.

Social media is like a news website or news blog where the posts or stories are available to anyone who views the website and the users can comment and discuss them, everyone is allowed.

Social network is more about connecting with other people and building a network of people.

Now sites like facebook have aspects of both.

So to put it simple, a social media website would release information to everyone and the readers could interact with the information with comments and sharing.

A social network website would concentrate on connecting individuals.

If for example I do an update on facebook to talk to my friends about a party last night, that would be more a long the lines of social networking. But if I also have a facebook business page and I update people about my business that is more of social media.

I do think people overlap the terms sometimes. I would just use it as, if I am talking about using facebook or twitter or any of those sites in terms of business I would call it social media. If I was using them in terms of communicating with friends I would say social network.

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