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How can I get into my Rimowa Salsa Air suitcase?

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How can I get into my Rimowa suitcase? I can't open the lock.  I have the Salsa Air 3 digit lock.  I don't have the booklet any longer although it is a brand new case and currently full of my things!  Worked perfectly previously so I don't know what has happened.

Hello, Joanne and welcome to Just Answer.

It's possible that you still have the TSA lock in place, so push in on that to release and it should enable you to unzip your suitcase. If you've not done this before, watch the video below, and at 2:03 on the video, it shows how to do this.

However, you do need to know the correct combination, so if you feel the lock was reset accidentally, you have various options; you can contact the manufacturer and request a new manual, plus ask how to reset your combination for the meantime and/or if you need it opened immediately, you can bring your suitcase into a local luggage shop and ask for hands-on help in getting it open.


This is the contact information for Rimowa repair in the U.S.:



Square Luggage

Contact person: Albert

19 Washington Street
Morristown, N.J. 07960

Tel.: (NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>




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