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With Diabetes and Obesity on the rise and now reaching epidemic

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With Diabetes and Obesity on the rise and now reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the United States, are grocery stores on average stocking more sugar free cookies, candies, beverages and diet friendly foods? And if so, why might the grocery stores in my predominantly Hispanic and lower-income area of deep South Texas be stocking fewer and fewer of these sugar-free and diet-friendly items? Might it be due to the relatively higher price of many of these items? Might it be the perceived vs. actual taste of these items versus full-flavor non-dietetic foods and beverages? Might it be the culture of near-by Northern Mexico that emphasizes full-flavor sugary foods and treats? Might the problem be education regarding the correct things for Diebetics and Overweight people to eat and drink? Or is there just a big disconnect between grocers in charge of stocking shelves and what the people really want to or need to buy and eat? Note: the primary grocers in this area are H.E.B. and Dollar General where sugar-free items have been stocked less and less on their shelves over the last several years.
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

It seems that more are on the market and that supermarkets are stocking these products. From the candy industry retail site, new sugar-free products as well as the efforts to track down the better-than-the-last-one sugar substitute are proof that the segment will only continue to expand:

As for your second question, here is a study produced in 2010 that explains why the Hispanic market is at least for now not purchasing sugar free products as fast as other ethnic groups:

My own personal dealings with supermarkets in my local area does seem to have a disconnect with their customers. The big supermarket chains have their merchandise sent to them by the corporate HQ and the store manager has little to do to control what is on their shelves.

Regional issues often can be why H.E.B. and Dollar General are not carrying this products. Contacting the HQ for these two chains to ask for them to carry sugar free products can be the first step in having them expand this growing food industry product.

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