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Imagine someone stopped going to college all of a sudden in

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Imagine someone stopped going to college all of a sudden in order to start working. Next, imagine that this individual did return to college 10 years later, and eventually finished taking and passing the 9 remaining classes that were needed for a bachelors degree in Political Science. And then, imagine if this same person went to the counselor and asked for a degree plan for a bachelors degree in Music. Then, imagine if this person looked at the degree plan and marked out all of the basics that he/she has already taken and all of that. Next, imagine that he/she then sees the remaining courses that he/she has NOT taken. Finally, imagine that this person takes those remaining courses and passes them. My question is this: Can this person ask the college to change his/her degree from a bachelors degree in Political Science to a bachelors degree in Music, and will the college do it? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

First of all, congratulations for going back to school to finish your degree. Lots of hard work to go back and finish so something to be proud of.

As for changing your degree from Political Science (my degree as well) to music, you might consider taking the music degree as your minor. By making it your minor, you will have your major of Political Science to fall back on because many people have many different jobs that do not always relate to their particular college degree. I would recommend with your initial objective of the Political Science degree that you are finished with and take your music interest that you are interested in and apply that to your minor or double minor. Another option is to request the Political Science and Music courses as a double major. Quite often it is better for an employer that is interested in hiring an employee that has obtained a double major than just one major. It shows that you have a wide range of interests than just the one discipline.

Of course, it will be up to the university to consider to accept your change in degree so talking with your career adviser as well as the university business office to see what the rules are in terms of making the change.
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