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SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
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Hello JA: At what temperature does beer start to freeze and

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Hello JA: At what temperature does beer start to freeze and stay frozen then expand to break open the can or bottle? Thanks, Dave

Hi again Dave, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Beer containing 3-5% alcohol will start to freeze at about 28 degrees. If the beer is in your trunk and it's 24 degrees outside, and the car is not in the garage, it's slightly warmer in your trunk, as this provides some insulation for a little while.


However, how long it will take for cans or bottles of beer to burst, due to lower temps, is dependent on if the beer was cold when you bought it, the alcohol content of the beer, if it is individual bottles/cans or in a case and how low the outside temp eventually gets. Typically, after the beer is frozen solid, it can take a few hours before it will expand/burst.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Cher, I am a old time customer. I am on the subscription plan. Your answer will not cost more than my subscription. Right?

Hi again, Dave and thanks for your reply.

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Cher, Educator-40+ yrs
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As a college student studying human physiology I had to endure a lot of chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. I would like to answer this question with objective information that should be quite accurate and easy to understand - and pretty fun too!

I have something else for you to consider. I have seen bottled beers reach -8 degrees and still not burst.

This stems from chemistry class where we know that things under pressure can withstand a "lower outside temperature"(because technically it is higher within). PV=NRT is the constant and really the formula is PressurexVolume=n(a constant)xR(another constant)xTemperature. So if you increase Pressure(the pressure within the can), the temperature actually goes up, If you RELEASE that pressure, the temperature goes down.

Think about a co2 fire extinguisher - its all liquid CO2 in the bottle, as soon as the trigger is pressed, the CO2 loses all pressure and hyper cools.

A colleague of mine actually explained this greatly in other words. He and his buddies use MolsonXXX beer(a 7.3 % alcohol beer by volume) when they sled. They keep the beers in the snow banks, which usually t the time are sub 30, somewhere around 20 degrees. When they actually open the beers is when they freeze, expand and explode, not when they are in can because of the pressure within the can. As soon as the pressure is released, the beer RAPIDLY "cools" expands and fizzes. The beer in the can is actually still all liquid.

So the point of this is, take the beer you have inside, and leave 1 can on the step to figure out the temperature for the beer itself.

What is more is that the beer will actually pseudo separate because of the alcohol and water within it. The water will obviously freeze right around 32, alcohol(ethanol), which has a freezing temp of -114.3 will actually stay, while the ice falls out of solution leaving you with a beer that is slightly stronger, but with an even LOWER freezing temp.

Laymans terms on this: your beer may not actually freeze at that temperature and burst, but would actually freeze when the pressure is released when you open the can. To be sure of this, and to figure it out yourself, just leave 1 can outside, take the rest inside so you can see what the tolerable level is. The higher the alcohol the lower the freezing point, but the water will still freeze per say, this expansion of the ice is what causes the burst.

For a scientific explanation on this you can research freezing point depression -

This is also the same reason why already frozen beers kept very still, when struck or shook, explode - the disruption of the otherwise "low" energy status of the liquid is given more energy(literally) when shaken, this causes an excitation of the molecules, more heat(hardly measurable) and this causes the explosion.

Truth be told you can freeze some beer, keep it very calm and still and not have it explode - add motion to "should-be-frozen" liquid beer and KAPOW!

SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 508
Experience: Senior Information Specialist
SpecialistMichael and 62 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Hi again, Dave.

Thanks very much for your Excellent rating and please feel free to call upon me again for any future questions by beginning your post with 'For Cher'.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sometimes when I ask for a specific expert other experts jump in and steal the question. It has happenned to me many times. But I will always try and ask for you when I have a question in your category. Thanks, Dave

Hi again Dave, and thanks very much for your reply.

I understand what you're referring to and if you request a specific expert through the system and also include the expert by name, at the beginning of your question, that is the expert who should answer you. If someone else sends an answer, you always have the option of telling them you'd rather wait for your requested expert.

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Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Cher: For some reason Adam cancelled my subscription. I tried to call but they told me only Adam can talk to me. They gave me his number but it looks like they were not answering that phone either. Maybe you can get me re-instated. I promise to be a good boy. Thanks, Dave

Hi again, Dave.

Thanks for letting me you're having a problem with your subscription.

I will contact Customer Service for you and let you know how you can get in touch with Adam or someone else who can help.

Best regards,
Dave my name is Mike, I am involved with your answer and provided the science based answer for you.

I want to thank you for the great rating on the answer I provided you.

I make it a point in all of my answers to provide objective, scientific information in easy to understand formats wherever possible. Typically my answers read a bit "long" but I really feel like it helps to understand the why and the how from a learned standpoint in place of googling some answers which often times could potentially lead to misinformation. Not saying anyone does this, just saying I do not and prefer to answer based on expertise over "research".

Anyway I would love to continue earning your business - for the future it would be great to work with you again. You can reach me on my page

Have a great holiday season, and happy, healthy new year. Please let me know how I can assist you in the future.
Its Mike again, just wanted to see how you made out with your beer over the recent holiday weekend.

I myself had a couple nice 60min from DFH stone cold, though I typically don't drink them super cold.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi mike. The beer was fine. The temperature outside was really non threatening to beer. Dave