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Hello, We would like to change the school for a child (13years old boy). Could you tell

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We would like to change the school for a child (13years old boy). Could you tell me please, where to begin with to find a good new school?
He is a quick learner especially in math and science, last year he was the best pupil in his school, so we are looking for a really good private or state-funded school in London.
Thank you.


Schools are rated on a point system. By qualifications and Curriculum. I have found you a list of the top 50 Schools that are "A" Rated. These schools very from only girls, boys or mixed. Some have a Baccalaureate Program. This would be a great starting point for your Son:

This link has a lsiting of all the High Schools rated from 1-100 based on their ranking as an "A" level school:

I hope these lists help to locate the perfect schhol for your son. My Son graduated last year and is now in a good College, so I understand the importance of a good education. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and if you need further help, please hit Reply.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Dear Joan,

Thank you for reply and sorry for delay with the rating.

I read the information you sent, thank you. It seems all good school have already finished the registration for 2013 for 13+ boys. Could you advise please, what can help to get a place in a really good school in this situation?

Thank you.


I would check with the Schools and see if they have a waiting list or some exception can be made for your son. With his aptitude for academics, it is possible for them to open a place and if nothing else get him on a waiting list. The next thing would be is to speak to the local school authorities about a Magnet school placement. This is a school that particularly caters to a student with academic prowess in certain subjects like math, science or technology. Hopefully the local school district will have availability for him. The last idea would be a Virtual school. I will give you the name of one that I know has high academic standards and would work for him. It is actually based in the USA, in Florida, but has worldwide high Accreditation:

FLVS Global:

I hope this will give you some direction to look at. Your son would work at home, but have access to a teacher throughout the day with this program. You could try this program until you can get him into your school of choice.

Happy Holidays!


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Joan!

I will try )))

Happy Holidays!