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Is this book worth my limited time to read?

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Is this book worth my limited time to read?


Need a credible book review of "Cybernetic Revelation - Deconstructing Artificial Intelligence" I can't trust an anonymous (perhaps clueless) reviewer, so I need information about the source of the book review.

Hello and welcome. I am an electrical and system engineer doing research in AI. I will probably not have time to read the 700 pages but i can skim trough the book and give you an overview. That would have to be in around 9 hour when i come back from work if that is fine with you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That sounds OK. But, I am in no hurry. How about if you take a few weeks if you wish, and give it a proper review?

Fine with me mike. I guess i should be able to contact you back next Friday then.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Martin, that sounds OK. However, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me right away. Sometimes I don't check email for a few days. And with family visiting for the holidays... I think you understand.

(I hope you enjoy the book.)

Take care, Mike

No problem for the delayed response, i will wait for you when you are ready.
Because of the continuous snowing here i was not able to finish the book yet as shoveling got lot of my free time. Because of this i will take those "few weeks" you talked about. So far the book is enjoyable to read.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Martin, I live in Washington county, Wisconsin, so I understand.
PS- I think I will buy this book, it looks very interesting:

No reply needed.
Take care, Mike.
Will get back to you when i am done.
Hello again Mike. I mainly finished the book a good 300 pages is enough for a good review (i skipped some parts for now because i did not want to wait too long as those kind of books are not readable as fast as a novel).

Here is some segment i took as notes early in the book that explain what this book is about:

I do not “deconstruct” each philosopher in my accounts—my read-
ings do aim at elucidating basic structures and themes in various thinkers’ systems or anti-systematic thinking. My writing is fairly
straight-forward and clear—and many of the readings put forward
are backed up by copious quotation.


question here—but obvious differences as well. Deconstruction is
often a negative thinking—questioning more than answering—be-

It is my hope that readers will above all find this book useful. It
is by and large, introductory, aimed at a general reader: possibly a

So it is mainly a recollection of thinker and philosopher with a little bit of the author view on it. The book contain very few idea, it is really more a collection of view with the other doing a bit of link between them and adding precision and interpretation. It is a bit like a personal view a bit like Jacob Bronowski dis in the Ascent of men series.

I liked the book overall. It is well written and contain LOT of reference. I will finish to read it completely. It is a bit long and was possible to shorten under 500 pages. i read lot of philosophy books and it is always good to re-read those over time so even if few of this was new to me it is still nice to read it into a different order like that. I also expected more technical part as the author programmed games as a hobby, this is the weak link of the book for me as an engineer. Don't expect to use this to start an AI project and compete with Boston Dynamics, it is not that kind of books.

The author bio:
is almost required to understand some of his views in the book (especially on the consciousness parts).

If you think this book may be interesting to you, you can get it for free legally by the way if you only want the pdf format:
(check for the link under the book picture).

A lot of AI book passed in my hands over time. The one that made the most lasting impression is this one:
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