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$11.2 Billion to pounds.

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$11.2 Billion to pounds. How would I write the £11.2 Billion? XXXXXXXXXX is this correct?

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If you are trying to convert from dollars to pounds, you will need a conversion rate. Since currency conversion rates are constantly changing, it's almost impossible to know which answer is "correct". Were you given a particular conversion rate to use, or do you need to find the current rate?



Currently, 1 US dollar is equal to .62 British pounds.

Therefore, $11.2 billion in U.S. dollars would be equal to £6,949,185,600 pounds.


Mr. Gregory White, Teacher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 5240
Experience: M.A., M.S. Education / Educational Administration
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Bearing in mind that currency exchange varies daily, the current GBP is listed at 1.6113USD meaning for every 1 British pound you spend, you are spending 1.6117 USD dollars(So rounded this is $1.61). This usually fluctuates a few cents each day. Just take the number you find, and you can round the ten- thousandths place into the hundredths for accuracy as it can vary on the .000x

11.2 billion USD in GBP would actually exchange to 6,950,909,203.75 pounds, a difference of 1,723,603 pounds from the previous supplied just slightly inaccurate rate on today's market end. This is why it is important to use accurate numbers and significant figures, a million pounds is quite a lot!!!Wink


Is the link you can use to check in on a daily basis or if you want to see what other exchange calculators have, keeping in mind some may differ at the significant digit in the thousandths place(.00x) you can simply search "forex" or "USD in GBP" then just take the value of the pound and multiply the dollar by it to get your answer in pounds. So for example if the pound was .5USD per GBP, just take .5 and multiply whatever US dollar amount by it to get it in GBP again. So 10 million USD x .5 GBP = 5 million GBP.

This should help immensely - just let me know if you need anything else!! Please remember to leave a rating when you return and let me know if I can help you further.