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Do you know the history on a blue and white lapel pin with

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Do you know the history on a blue and white lapel pin with the words Ride The Storm?
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I sure do know the history of this.

This pin was for the 88th Glider Infantry Regime originally named Infantry Airborne Battalion of World War II Fort Benning, Georgia on 10 October 1941 by General Marshall. It originally included 27 officers, 500 enlisted men and was commanded by
Lt Colonel Eldridge G Chapman. In april 1942, this was expanded to 1000 - full battalion.

The purpose initially of the 88th included duties of loading men and securing equipment which eventually was assigned to refining air landing techniques and procedures as well as instructing those to other infantry divisions.
The 88th GIR was eventually incorporated into the 326th thus forming one Glider Infantry Regiment of 3 battalions.

Following various combination training the 88th was eventually deployed overseas and landed in Le Harve, France on February 6th, 1945. Following the German surrender, the 101st airborne was then assigned to the pacific.

The pin itself has an easy to understand history - it was given once the required number of hours in glider flight and completed the prescribed number of takeoffs and landings in glider flight. It was worn on uniforms, above the bar that designates rank.

YOu can read more about this by searching 88th Glider Infantry(there is a TON of information on it and its involvement with larger groups)or by starting at this link HERE

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