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"FOR SPECIALIST MIKE PREFERABLY" How can a pastor of a church

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How can a pastor of a church with an attendance of anywhere from 38 to 60 increase it to an attendance of anywhere between 17,000 to 46,000 "AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANS"? Too often, the type of people that attend this church have another motive such as looking for a job, looking for a soul-mate, and so forth. Additionally, too often, the musicians and the assistant pastors are rebellious to the pastor. That's why I am asking on how to find "authentic Christians". Too often, people just want money; otherwise, they leave the church. If one serves Jesus Christ, shouldn't it be because out of the kindness of their heart and not because they get paid? That's why I am asking on how one can attract at least 17,000 authentic Christians to one's church? Thank you.

Hi! - thank you for the continued requests.

Faith is a tough call regardless of who/what is being worshiped. There are so many variables and so many different types of people out there, with so many different reasons for doing things it becomes really hard to answer why some people worship. Some cases they do it as a trade of: If they did X bad things in a given period of time they may do Y time in faith to "counter" the bad things. There are some people who do it because they were raised to, they are following the habit of how a family raised them regardless of the "degree" to which they believe. There are then the others who are completely committed to a given religion and believe their sole purpose is to help carry on the works of their deity.

The issue here that I think you are seeing is everything basically turns in to a business or a "whats in it for me" situation, which in most if not all faiths do not condone. I think you would agree most want their members to be selfless and think of others.

Jumping from 38 to 60 to 17000-46000 members is HUGE, and like any venture would take time to build, as in years, not just days, weeks or months. Like all faiths, letting people find you would be the "obvious" thing. But I think what is important, as with any sort of network is encouraging all members to pay this experience forward. That is, making sure they are sharing what they experience, not being pushy but actually helping when people need help and basically explaining to a new potential member on the benefits of this particular community. Like all good business owners say, the best business is word of mouth, being a small business owner myself and being friends with others, this truly 100 percent without a doubt is the strongest way to grow a group with a common interest. It keeps up "customer" integrity, and this way everyone is on the same page.

You other option is advertising, but most returns are 2 percent TOPS, and considering how many people would change churches(loyalty) through an ad, would be pretty small. Not to mention would require more money on the advertisers part, which could be tight as is.

I would ask that particular group to do their part in spreading the word, the enjoyment, the learning of this particular church. Word of mouth is without a doubt going to be the strongest - the members of the community would just need to keep making small efforts where possible.

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