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I THINK that disabled people should have there own nightclubs

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I THINK that disabled people should have there own nightclubs with maybe vip guests

Hi again, Richard and welcome back to Just Answer!

Your idea is a very interesting one, but I think this may be interpreted as 'reverse discrimination'. At this time, nightclubs and other establishments are supposed to have accommodations for disabled people and if they don't, they are not adhering to the established laws. If 'only' disabled people were allowed in these nightclubs, it would be discriminatory to other people who are not disabled. However, if disabled people wish to socialize with other people in their same situation, this would be a good idea, and I'm sure there are already social clubs in person and online, where they can get together.

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Hi again, Richard,

Just following up with you to see how everything is going and if you found my answer helpful.

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