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I THINK I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS BUT I WILL ASK ON MONDAY I WILL .GI've it some thought I THINK that mothers should stay with there baby's global until they start school

Hi again Richard, and welcome back to Just Answer!

If you are looking for an opinion, I am a mother and a teacher and I agree with your thinking. It is very important for mothers to be with their young infants and toddlers full-time, until they start school; however, the reason many mothers are not able to do this, is that they need to work in order to make ends meet for their family.

An alternative to this, is making sure that the baby/child is cared for by a very experienced and able caregiver and that the mother spends a great deal of quality time with the child when she is not working. In this way, the child will not feel neglected and will get all the mental and emotional stimulation from the caregiver and the mom and grow up to be a well-adjusted, intelligent adult.

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Best regards,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

t M h s p f t R

Hi again, Richard and thanks very much for your patience.

A site problem prevented me from sending an answer to your reply, immediately.

I'm sorry, but all that came through of your reply was a group of single letters:
"t M h s p f t R". There may have been a glitch of some sort.

Can you please type and send your reply again? I'd appreciate it!

Thanks very much,