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hi i had a dream the other night that im still trying to figure

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hi i had a dream the other night that im still trying to figure im hoping u can help started off me laying in my bed,as i was laying ther i felt a presence in the room and i ask it what it wanted than i felt a vibration thru out my hole body, as it moved thru me i felt like i was floating off the bed as if i was leaving my body and than i was taken felt like someone was tryin to tell me something as i was moving thru the darkness i started seeing the colour green and than pictures of totem poles and kept thinking it was telling me about the number 7 as if it has some sort of significances in my life...than i woke up in another bed as i got up i looked around the room the colours so vivid allmost crystal clear unlike anything i have ever seen before,as i was looking around i saw a cat it walked up to me and started talking to me i asked the cat who it was and it said that he was my father and a few other things witch i cant remember..but i also remember picking up a set off keys witch had a key ring of a white cat on it..i was than led outside to a beautifull orchard where there where people sitting around still trying to work out where i was i aproached some of them but no one was talking to me..finally i was led into a room full of old men watching tv they seemed loud and obnoxious and made me feel uneasy as if i shouldnt trust them..i than woke up from the dream still feeling this vibration thru out my hole body from head to toe...this was like no dream i have ever had before,,so i would really appricate it if u could help me figure out the mean of it...thx

Hello, Andrew and welcome to Just Answer.

Thank you for your patience. My apologies that you did not receive an earlier answer.

Your dream contains many interesting elements. Our dreams reflect happenings in real life, through our subconscious, while we sleep.

The talking cat in your dream who said he was your father can represent both an independent-minded and/or gentle and sly presence. The repeated image of a white cat on your key ring may indicate that cats play an important role in your life. If you are not a cat lover and/or do not own a cat, the cat representations in your dream may indicate a warning to be careful about who you trust. The cat saying he was your father, whether he is still with you or has passed, was trying to protect you and warn you to be wary of people and situations currently taking place in your life.

Floating in your dream and being moved from place to place indicates overcoming the obstacles in your life. The number seven is significant for many people and indicates the rhythm of life and passing of time. It is a positive sign of good things to come. The color green and the vivid crystal clear colors you saw when you were transported to another bed, signifies the beginning of a new life cycle for you. Renewal, rebirth and regrowth are signified by green; however, it might also be representative of jealousy, as the color green is often related to this emotion/mood. Seeing pictures of totem poles is connected to your ancestry or family roots. This may be tied in with the cat saying he was your father. The old men watching tv and acting obnoxiously gave you a feeling of distrust due to a situation in your life involving older people (or only an older man or men) who have recently given you reason to doubt their good intentions.

I feel the main message of this dream was for you to be wary of anyone that seems to promise you something that seems impossible or unlikely to come true. You have some very positive things happening in your life right now, but must not trust too easily. Always find out the 'true' story before acting on anything very important. You may be starting or will soon start, a new important action in your life, like a new job, new relationship, or redecorate your home. This will go well, but you must go with your own instincts if someone tells you they don't like your ideas, etc.

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Best regards,

Cher and 54 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Hi again, Andrew,

Just following up with you to see how things are going, and if you found my answer helpful.

If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to ask by clicking on 'Reply to Expert', and I will answer as soon as possible.

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Best wishes,

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