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I think this is a general question. Please forgive me if its

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I think this is a general question. Please forgive me if it's not. I just couldn't make up my mind whether my question was a general question, entertainment question, or mental health question. Anyway, my question is this: I get tired of the same old dull routine every week; it's just work, home, and church; work, home, and church; work, home, and church; work, home, and church; and consider that said 1,000 more times. What can I do for adventure? What can I do that if a book was written about my life, people would want to read it? What could I do that would be worth writing home about? What could I do BESIDES going out on a trip, fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain climbing, going to the movies, eating out, watching TV, listening to music, swimming, bike riding, playing board games, or socializing? I am miserable because of this problem. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Jaime,

my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for using JustAnswer. This is a great general question.

I think there are a lot of people in this relative problem that have concerns about what their life would "read" like to other people.

The reality is that if that book were to be written about you, assuming you lived life as well as you could, balancing happiness and the things that make you happy, possibly doing something self-lessly for another person or a group of people the book would read very well - again depending on who the writer is (if you catch my drift).

I think in your case it is very important to make a list of the things you feel are important, both from an intrinsic satisfaction standpoint, but also from the (partly) selfish standpoint. I would encourage you to include things from a selfLESS standpoint as well. What could you do for other people that would make YOU feel happy.

Really who cares what other people think when they read your book. The only person who should be happy with the way the book reads is you, and your family if you want that.

Many times, people are not defined by the things they do for themselves, but what they do for their communities, their family and friends and for those who may not be able to help themselves.

I eventually plan to have a chapter in my "book" passing on any education that I feel would help other people. I am well versed in the study of the human body, and have been fortunate enough to have a 3D understanding of the structures as well as the action/reaction of the way the body works. This isn't a big deal in itself, but i LOVE teaching it. I love helping people understand it, I love helping people improve. So while teaching is not a part of my life right now, I plan to make a thick chapter in my book about this.

So with you I think you really need to outline what you want this book to include and more importantly WHY you want the book to include it. The book, which could be regarded as a "legacy", do you want it to appeal to the masses or do you want it to appeal to the people who actually know you well and were planning on reading you book.

At this point I think a list of the things you wanted to accomplish and did as well as the things you still want to accomplish should be written down and assigned a number value on a scale of absolute importance(1 to 5, 1 to 10, something like that). I think its important when assigning the value you also create a list on how to attain what you feel needs to be on this.

Selfless tasks for examples would be things like teaching your skills to other people, working along side places like habitat for humanity, big brother/big sister programs, giving up your own time, skill, emotional support and heart to others who might be in tough situations or who can't handle "life" the way we are so fortunate to be able to. It would also be sharing the things you enjoy(those that you have listed) with other people.

Keep in mind, a good book not only touches on the personal attributes of the main character, not only on the skills and tasks he/she has completed or does, but also on the involvement and selfless qualities the main character has and how he/she treats and provides for others. This is what makes people fall in love with the main characters for books, the admirable things they do to make OTHERS happy, whiles still being a well rounded quality individual.

Hopefully this helps you - when you have finished reading please remember to provide a rating for me, and following that if you would like to discuss further, that would be a pleasure.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I make it a point to pretty much do everything that you have described. But, what is missing is something to do for entertainment or something that helps one to escape from or to release stress and negative thoughts. I am terrified of flying, and also many places that I may have been delighted to vacation at at one time have now lost their appeal to me. So, that's why a trip is out of the question. Fishing and hunting are not really fun to me, so that's out. Skiing is dangerous, and I am afraid of it, especially since I have heard of people dying in accidents or becoming disabled from accidents. I am acrophobic, so mountain climbing is out of the question. Finally, the remaining activities have become a same and dull routine, and have become somewhat boring. Yes, I know; a lot of people I have told me that I have a problem with FEAR, and that I can't live my life in fear. But, I do and that is the case and I can't do anything about it. Thank you.

Understood - thats actually great Jaime. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I am somewhat injury prone, and while I don't suffer from agrophobia, I do know the feeling of saying "no way" when it comes to certain activities. Hunting nor fishing are not an interest of mine either.

Well in this case what do you feel you are interested in?

Depending on how much physicality you you have, no matter what physical activity not only is a great thing for health, but the exercise induced euphoria during and following the workout is what creates the "addicition" that people have and fall in love with exercise. This can be some weight training, cardiovascular exercise in the form of biking or walking.

The other things I find extremely relaxing that allows me to escape is fitness related things, as well as photography. Trying to capture a moment in time is so incredibly satisfying. It also allows me to share these with other people.

Do you know what kinds of tasks you think you might be interested in?

There are things like learning to dance, learning the piano or another instrument, other art related things you can do. The positive side to these is that they give a sense of completion and satisfaction once improvements are made or completely, they allow your mind to escape while creating another skill, that can be shared or passed on.

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