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Dont know if this is the right category or not.But here goes...M

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Don't know if this is the right category or not.But here goes...My wife just self published her book,"Gracie's diary". I know I can get a press release in our local paper for no cost...but is there any way to put a release in papers all across the good ole USA for free? or do you know of any other free marketing avenues?

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That is great news; tell your wife congratulations on publishing the book!

Getting the press release in other papers that are not local may be difficult; the reason being is that the news story is not local to the other papers. I am sure you could submit the press release anyway but I cannot say if they would find it news worthy.

I would first start by searching the papers in your state only and submitting the release to them.

You can find all of the newspapers in the country broken up by state at the following site:

As for other ways to market the book there are many online. The first one would be to get a website up if you have not down so yet. A relatively simple website can be set up for not much money or for free depending on how you go about it.

For example you can get a free website/blog here:

honestly you would probably be better off hiring someone to do this for you but if money is tight you can do so yourself.

Another thing you can do is to set up a Facebook page for the book or for your wife as an author. If you do not know a Facebook page IS NOT the same as a regular Facebook profile. It is a way for you to market the product or your wife to market herself as an author and keep her readers up to date. Is is essential now a days. Read More here:

Another great online marketing tool is twitter, similar to Facebook this would allow her to connect with potential buyers of the book or authors she likes where she could get the info about the book to people who may be interested, again this is essential in this day and age for marketing:

Another thing you may want to do is submit the book to Google books, this will add a preview of the book to Google books allowing users to read experts online and perhaps purchase the book:

Now as you probably know many books now are read electronically so you should really consider publishing as an "Ebook" as well as print book if you have not yet, so people could download with the kindle:

Probably the top place for free advertising online is , millions of people look at this every day and you can place ads by region.

In conclusion for free advertising or free ways to get this press release out there I think online is your main way to go. Sure, it will not hurt to send the release to newspapers and perhaps they will print it but for getting the word out I really think you will have the most success if concentrating the efforts online.

So first, get a website up, next start marketing that website using the methods I mentioned above.

I hope this information helps out a lot and again congratulations on the book!.

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