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How is u238 created?

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How is u238 created?

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There are a few hypotheses on how Uranium238 was created. In your history and research of it you know that it has a VERY long life and half life, older and longer than some carbon. The half-life being roughly around the age of earth(roughly 4.5 billion years) which is staggering.

So the main hypothesis, more cemented because of the length of U238s half life was a supernova or a series of a few (a start that has burned all its "fuel" and thus collapses in whats described as catastrophically and radiates energy roughly 10 billion factorial times stronger) that erupted when parts of the solar system were created. This was the "charge" and created of Uranium 238. Obviously for those who are devout in faiths that follow the earth created by one of more diety, this is a conflict in believe, however from a scientific standpoint there absolutely is a major energy explosion needed to transfer energy - because remember energy is not created or destroyed only transferred.

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