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i am using a company to distribute my payment to a company,in

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i am using a company to distribute my payment to a company,in fact it's three catalogue's owned by one company. i pay them £130 a month,they pay the company's just over seventy pounds a month,so they are charging me sixty something pound's for there service,is this correct?????
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The math works about to be about so as you suspect. Without seeing any of it and not belonging to those companies its nearly impossible to just guess at the charges but I would say its a very good chance the company is doubling up your charges for each of the catalouges even though they are owned under an umbrella corporation.

What I would do immediately is ask for the itemized list of your billing in recent months, but then also request(if you suspect this might be fraudulent) where you contract shows that you agreed with this so you can get an objective idea of how and why you are being charged so much.

There are often times where a company would charge someone repeatedly for the same thing despite being owned centrally and sometimes do so intentionally hoping to get away with it. In your case it may be a situation that needs to be identified so it can be fixed within. Again though it might be their "standard" charge, which again is why you need to request and itemized list for your billing as well as an explanation on each of the charges.

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