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My friends father passed. I know her well and her sister also.

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My friends father passed. I know her well and her sister also. He has remarried but I do not know him really or his wife. I would like to send flowers to the funeral to show support to my friend. How do I need to address it? To her and her husband? Also her sister? The whole family?
My name isXXXXX condolences on the passing of the father of your friend.

Do you know where specifically you would like to send them? The funeral home itself versus the funeral ceremony.

What kind of funeral(Catholic, Jewish etc. etc..) ceremony will be taking place - I only ask because there are a few different etiquette differences with a few faiths.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will be sending it to the funeral home (a spray). I believe it will be baptist but he was not religious (I'm not either so I'm refraining from any religious references because from me that wouldn't be very genuine).
Ok thats great.

Good idea, staying "honest" to your beliefs as well as his.

Being warm and simple is probably the best idea hear.

You can address the card to the family as a whole, because everyone will appreciate the gesture, not just the ladies you know.

**You can use something along the ton of : "Our deepest sympathies" or "Our thoughts are with you and your family" within the card, remembering to sign your first and last name. Keep it warm simple and polite. Just think of it as addressing the card or flowers relative to how you knew the deceased, so in your case, addressing it since you knew the daughters. You can also send a return address so they can send a thank you card if needed.

Again my condolences. I hope this helps you. Have a nice weekend.
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