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victim of hurricane sandy and emptying the house that had 3

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victim of hurricane sandy and emptying the house that had 3 feet of water

getting rid of all upholestered furniture

is it ok to keep wooden tables and legs after spraying for mold and with bleach

or should they also be discarded becasue of contaminated water
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First off all, I want to send along my best wishes to you and all the others affected by the tragedy. In 2008, our home was flooded with 7 feet of water for a week after the river near our home flooded so I know the issues related with this intimately.

Yes, since you had a sealed wood it will be fine after it has been cleaned and bleached. If it was a natural wood which would have allowed the water to settle into it, then there would have been more issues involved but most furniture is not a natural wood but a finished wood which should have prevented the water from fully getting into the full wood. Using the bleach and cleaning will disinfect the wood. You will need to watch long term to be sure no rot settled into the wood like you are more likely to find in the untreated wood in your walls as opposed to furniture.

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All the best to you and I hope that you are able to quickly recover from this disaster that has so impacted your lives.

Mr. Gregory White and 33 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

one other question


what about a piano

exposed to water 2 feet and receded



upright wood be ok as above abut what about the inside workings or they high enough >>>

That will be a little trickier. It depends on whether the water hit the internal mechanism of the piano. If it was just the wood that was exposed, it will be okay - you will just have to clean it well and might need to then seal the wood and refinish it. However, if the water reached the internal workings of the piano (anything but wood) you would be best served to have a piano service come in to check and ensure that no damage was done to the piano itself.
Again, all the best to you during this tough time.
Mr. Gregory White and 33 other General Specialists are ready to help you