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How do i get rid of static on me and my cloths? Every where

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How do i get rid of static on me and my cloths? Every where i got i get shocked getting out of bed , taking my sweater off getting out off the car, every thing i touch. Please help
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It is a pleasure to help with your question today. This is generally due to the type of fabric that you are wearing as it collects the static energy around you which is then dissipated when you touch something that conducts that energy.

Some ideas to help include:

1) Wet your hands slightly under the faucet and then brush the hands over the clothing. This is a simple easy way to really reduce that static energy.

2) When you do your laundry, try to separate our your synthetic fabrics, especially if you have any nylon, from any of the natural fabrics (cotton, etc) that you may have. This will decrease the transference to the other articles of clothing.

3) Another culprit can be overdrying your clothing in the dryer. If you remove your clothes when they are still just slightly damp they will finish drying outside of dryer and the static energy is reduced.

4) If nothing else, try a fabric softener sheet in the dryer - these really do help.

5) Finally, for those nylon items that are really clingy and lead to the static buildup, rub one of the dryer sheets directly over the item and it will help reduce.

By trying some of these tips, it should really help reduce the amount of "shocks" you are receiving.

All the best to you and have a wonderful rest of the week. Reply back if you need any followup.

Mr. Gregory White, Teacher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 5240
Experience: M.A., M.S. Education / Educational Administration
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You are experiencing static more than likely because of the time of year it is. Dry air encourages the build up of static charge and promotes materials(skin, synthetic clothes, seats) that give up electrons to do so in a more rapid fashion.

So lets start with skin - one of the best things you can do is keep it moisturized. As I am sure you notice, following a shower, you are considerably less apt to shock yourself. This is because the layer of moisture basically prevents the shedding of electrons and neutralizes the charge.
... so moisturize your skin, its helps tremendously.

The next part is your house - cold and dry air in the house can basically charge everything. Growing up in a large drafty farm house, I can tell you it was beyond frustrating to go to school with a puffball of hair from all the static charge floating around. To counter this, we would put bowls of water on near the fireplace as well as near the heating registers, basically creating mini humidifiers. So you can keep some water near the heaters, or purchase a humidifier. You can also use the shower and bath water as a humidification advantage.

While its hard to control the outside environment, like the car or world outside your house, you can control better, the transfer of charge by grounding yourself when you get out of your car, just place the back of your against the metal frame as you get out of the car, and that should ground you ask you get up.

Another thing is the type of clothing you wear, Nylon, Rayon and other synthetics readily charge compared to something like cotton, wool and other natural fabrics. Limiting the amount you wear(if possible) will help tremendously. But again, using moisturizers will lessen the static build up from your skin, and providing humidity in the house will kill all static charge in the dry part of the year we are in.

Don't forget to rate when prompted and following that let me know if you need more information. Have a great day.

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